Noteworthy Client Questions: How to Take Events Online

With the COVID-19 outbreak, the world is changing and business leaders are pivoting to meet those changes. With companies shutting their doors and or operating virtually, business leaders are having to learn new ways to keep their business model going despite the current situation. Many of our clients are asking how to take events online. While it is not possible

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Real Ways to Connect Virtual Teams

As the world shifts and the workplace changes to embrace the virtual model, leaders can still take steps to bring their teams together — Connection is key. Now is not the time to under-communicate. Our team uses Slack, phone, email, and video conferencing to communicate with one another. If a remote team member feels isolated, it can sometimes translate to “My work

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60 Seconds with Our Founder: Implementing Core Hours in light of COVID-19

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Work from home? Tips to maximize your productivity.

Anyone that has worked virtually has heard them: “So what do you do all day?” “Wow, you must have so much free time.” “You are so lucky to be able to keep up with housework during the day.” All of which either make us virtual workers laugh or mumble under our breath… but the real truth is that working from

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How to Choose the Right VEA for Your Business

You work hard and you know your time is extremely valuable…so you want to maximize your productivity by hiring a Virtual Executive Assistant (VEA). Great choice! Here is a step by step guide to help you find the perfect VEA, who will not only maximize productivity but also free up your time to work on your business instead of in

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Virtual Executive Assistant Spotlight: Mary Lou

Mary Lou was one of the very first Virtual Executive Assistants here at Worxbee! She is also a #teamchampion VEA type. As a virtual executive assistant she has worked for her clients for years and is an integral part of their team. She is often praised by her clients for being a dedicated “partner.” When she is not working she

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