The Basics

Your VEA will track projects and keep you up to date on your hours each month. You can let them know if you have a system that you already use or that you prefer.

Someone without the commitment to building an ongoing relationship with an Executive Assistant. A true Executive Assistant wants to build a relationship so he or she can become more intuitive to the client’s needs and contribute to the client’s overall success.

Our average time from the client signing up for service to the client starting service with his or her selected Virtual Executive Assistant is 2 weeks. We are able to offer a quick turnaround time because we maintain a pipeline of talent to fit a variety of needs. Most clients receive the bios of their Virtual Executive Assistant candidates within 3 business days of signing up for service.

Most of our VEA’s are available during normal business hours.

No. We value the relationship that is formed between the VEA and client. You are able to select one dedicated VEA, build a relationship, and create routines that are a win-win for both parties.

All of our VEA’s are based in the US, and work from their home offices.

We work hard on our end to present you with the best two candidates for your needs. We don’t want to overwhelm you with choices, and we know the more options you have the harder it is to make a decision.

We present VEA’s that best match your business goals, communication style, and availability. We have a pipeline of VEA’s with different backgrounds and skill sets.

Yes, each client ultimately makes the final selection on his or her Virtual Executive Assistant. We will present you with two VEA’s to review based on your business needs and communication style, and you will have a chance to interview each of them.

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We seeks experienced Executive Assistants with demonstrated skills, comfort working virtually, and general office hours availability, and we interview them using behavioral based questions.

Being a Virtual Executive Assistant with Worxbee

At Worxbee we believe try to limit the number of emails flooding your inbox. We use Slack to communicate and build our virtual community. You will have access to everyone who works with Worxbee, including peers.

Absolutely! The number of clients you have really depends on you! Worxbee presents VEA’s to clients based on each client’s business needs, communication style, and personality. Some of our VEA’s have one client, with only 20 active hours a month. Some of our VEA’s have a full roster of clients, and some have Worxbee clients in addition to their own independent clients.

Even with new clients consistently signing up, the timeline varies. Pairing is based on selecting the best candidate for the client’s business needs, communication style, and personality. Sometimes pairing opportunities happen immediately and sometimes they take several months.

The majority of our clients are looking for VEAs who are available during normal business hours.

Years of experience, demonstrated skill sets, comfort in working virtually, and availability.

     We pair VEAs with clients based on what the client needs. Each client is presented with two VEAs that best fit their needs and the client makes the final decision on who they would like to be their VEA.

All applicants have to apply through our website or a job posting.

Billing & Subscription

No, we focus on building relationships with our clients. All of our service packages start off with a 6-month commitment. If you are looking for a short term project, we are more than happy to refer a service.

Packages are based on your individual business needs. Most clients start with 20-30 hours and build from there, others need full time support.

Our online sign-up process is easy: http://worxbee.com/atemp-virtual-executive-assistant-services/ We welcome a call with our team before signing up, so we can help you determine the best service package for your needs. https://calendly.com/worxbee/learn

Clients are invoiced automatically on their rollover date. Corporations and nonprofits may be eligible for invoicing.


We want to make sure anyone who schedules a call before completing the self-guided coaching has thoroughly thought about their coaching needs and is confident that they would rather go directly to 1-on-1 coaching.

No, the coaching will help you run a VEA business. We expect for anyone utilizing the online self-guided training to be an experienced EA.

Our best team members are VEAs who have their own businesses.


If you have an onsite team, we will spend time on site so we can understand the full dynamics of the office.

This answer depends on the number of executive assistants we are engaging. As an average, the process takes about 6 months total and then another 12 months of following up on the process, additional training, and ongoing engagement.

Our Difference

That’s easy. We provide true Executive Assistant support. Our multi-talented, experienced Virtual Executive Assistants help set up a process to accomplish your goals.  We also have a quick pairing process due to our pipeline of talented VEA’s. Where other VA companies select your VA based on availability, we select candidates based on your needs. This benefits your company in the long run. But don’t just take it from us. Check out our client testimonials.

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