What We Do

We take the time to get to know you during our Onboarding Process.

The onboarding period takes three to four weeks, and allows us to pair you with the perfect Virtual Productivity Partner for your communication and leadership style.

During this three to four week period we will:

Have you complete a DNA Behavior® assessment online. DNA Behavior® is based on proven behavioral science to help us understand your communication and leadership style. We will utilize this tool to match you with a Virtual Productivity Partner (VPP) based on his or her own DNA Behavior® assessment.
Our leadership team will review your pairing assessment with both you and your VPP separately, so you have a full understanding of why we matched you and so you may ask questions.
Your VPP will then research you and your business to prepare questions for your Productivity Plan Call.

After researching you, your VPP will host a Productivity Plan Call with you. This will give you an opportunity to discuss your goals for increasing your productivity.
Your VPP will take this information and start designing your custom Productivity Plan (our version of an action plan). As part of preparing the plan, your VPP will work with his or her team members to train them on your service preferences, complete additional training on your preferred software tools, and research methods to help you reach and exceed your goals.
Your VPP will present a completed Productivity Plan for you to make final edits and sign off.

Once the plan is complete and signed off, your work with your Uniquely Virtual VPP truly begins!

There is a one time fee onboarding fee of $695 for all new clients.

We keep your business going so you can stay productive.

We do this through:

Productivity Action Plans

Your Productivity Partner will design action plans based on your productivity goals and objectives. Each plan is designed to help simplify your life.

Branded Phone Line

We provide a branded phone line for your business, answered to your specifications. No matter where you go, your business line will always be answered.

Complete Transparency

Our proprietary software platform, AdminCloud, keeps you up to date as your Productivity Partner completes your day-to-day tasks.

Types of Tasks

No more stressing over travel arrangements or keeping track of expenses. Your Productivity Partner will make sure you’re ahead of the game, checking off client emails and ensuring your calendars are all up to date.

Hire, Train, Develop

We take care of all of the HR stuff. Ongoing training and accountability is a key part of our culture, to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality service we have to offer.

We even provide the technology and support. You’ll receive a branded phone specifically for your business, answered to your specifications. Never worry about voicemails piling up again.

Powered by AdminCloud

Receive full transparency 24/7 through AdminCloud, our proprietary software platform. Stay up to date as your Productivity Partner completes your day-to-day tasks.

View and comment anywhere you are. From your home or office computer, or on the go from your smartphone, stay up to date on all your tasks.

Select best plan for your needs
Complete online survey
Receive welcome email
The GPL will assign your VPP
GPL will introduce your VPP
VPP will host a video chat to discuss your goals
VPP will send a recap of call
VPP will send additional guides as needed
Your VPP will schedule weekly status recaps
The GPL will conduct a 15, 30, and 45 day check-ins
You will receive occasional 1-question pulse surveys
Your VPP will conduct a formal status each quarterly

Isn't it time you amplified your productivity? Find out which of our service plans is right for you.