About Us

Our Purpose

Worxbee is helping Executive Assistants and the Executives they support thrive together.

Our Core Values


  • Be Servant Leaders – The true leader knows how to serve others.
  • Be a Good Neighbor – Be warm, fun, positive, and helpful.
  • Be a Student of Your Craft – Never stop learning.

Work Worxbee

  • Act Respectfully – Develop a trusting relationship through transparency, consistent communication, and a drive to execute at the highest level.
  • Have an Executive Mindset – Collaborate with mutual respect as Executives.
  • Build Meaningful Relationships – Be delightfully professional by permitting yourself to WOW clients and peers.

The Worxbee Executive Team

Angela Wynn

Director of Support

Angela's Bio

As Director of Support, Angela is responsible for sourcing and recruiting our highly qualified Virtual Executive Assistants as well as facilitating our Virtual Executive Assistant pairing process. With over 20 years in the administrative space, Angela has been the thought partner and right hand to CEOs, Senior and Managing Partners at globally recognized law firms as well as entrepreneurs. Her experience provides her with the unique ability to not only bring in amazing talent but to also pair our Virtual Executive Assistants with clients based on their specific needs.

Angela holds a BBA in Marketing from Howard University and an MBA with a concentration in Human Resources Management from the University of Phoenix.

Kenzie Biggins

Founder & CEO

Kenzie's Bio

Kenzie Biggins is the founder of Worxbee LLC, a virtual executive assistant solution. Worxbee’s mission is to revolutionize the executive assistant experience for executive assistants and the professionals they support.

Approachable and participative, Kenzie is known for orchestrating people and processes to transform cultures and generate high performance.  She is adept in problem-solving and leading consequential projects to create and sustain trusted relationships at all levels.

During the course of her career, Kenzie has proven herself as a results-driven leader, accomplished in talent attraction and development, operational team management, and enhancing the customer experience in diverse nonprofit, startup, and corporate environments. She demonstrates solid conceptual and analytical thinking combined with a strong P&L orientation.

Kenzie is skilled in building consensus, resolving conflict, and negotiating expectations in order to achieve defined business outcomes.  She collaborates well with colleagues, clients, applicants, and community leaders in order to create conditions for success, and coaches and motivates others to produce extraordinary results.

For the better. For the future. A note from our CEO.

Worxbee was born from my 2011 graduate school thesis, Improving the American Economy with the Production of Luxury Goods. My research focused on re-engaging a highly skilled labor force coming out of the Great Recession to connect them to work with truly livable wages. Since the original idea, the company has evolved, but our core ideology has not.

Fast forward to 2020, and once again, I find myself thinking about my thesis. This time I am thinking about it in the context of the new economy we are entering because no matter how we view it, the world and the way business is done is changing.

Worxbee is still connecting people to meaningful work, but like the rest of the world, we are evolving. We have created new points of access for Executive Assistant Support, made a decision to share resources specifically for Executive Assistants through Worxbee Community, and started offering consulting through Worxbee Strategy based on our years of leading from our home offices.

Our goal is to be here for our team and you as the economy moves forward.

Kenzie Biggins, Founder & CEO, Worxbee

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