61617 10 Delegation Tips
10 Delegation Tips for Founders, CEOs and Executives

Here are some handy-dandy tips to bear in mind when launching into the delegating jungle!

1. Easy Does It!

Especially when starting out getting the hang of delegating be sure you don’t delegate TOO much!

2. Aim Carefully

Make sure you’re considering if the task you’re delegating is a good fit for the person to whom you’re delegating it.

3. Count to Ten

Initially, you’re going to have to have a lot of patience when you’re waiting for completion on a delegated task. Remember that learning curve.

4. Teach, Teach, Teach

Use every delegated task as an opportunity to teach your assistant how to accomplish what you’re asking for.

5. Background

It’s important to let your assistant know why it is that you’re delegating a specific task. This will help them understand the priority context.

6. Think Full Detail

Let your assistant know clearly and exactly what it is you’re asking of them. Leave no room for interpretation on their behalf.

7. Don’t Hover…

Once you’ve given instructions, and your assistant has accepted the task, step away and let them get on with it.

8. …But Still Keep In Touch

Having said that, it’s also a good idea to gently check in from time to time, especially with more long-term projects.

9. Let Them Know

Once the task is complete, it’s vital that you let your assistant know what works for you and what can be improved. You can make the entire project a learning process, allowing your assistant to develop the skills they’ll need to complete similar tasks the next time.

10. Appreciate!

This one’s easily forgotten: say “Thank You.” It’s important for your assistant to recognize that you appreciate their efforts.