An open letter to Worxbee's Service Experts from Kenzie Biggins, (Founder & CEO) and Sophia McVay (Client Experience Manager) in recognition of National Administrative Professionals Appreciation day on April 25th

Dear Worxbee Team,

Thank you.

Thank you for making a difference each and every day. You deliver extraordinary service, you make it happen, and you get the job done! In our most recent Service Survey, each of our team members were rated 5/5 stars and 100% of clients surveyed raved that they were brand advocates.

So many of the busy retired executives, corporate partners, entrepreneurs and non-profits we partner with rely on you, to help increase their own productivity in order to grow their business. We know this is no easy feat! We are so proud to have a team that embodies what a true Executive Assistant can do! This is only the beginning for our industry and we look forward to what the future brings for Worxbee and every single one of you.

To all our Worxbee Team Members... We are so THANKFUL. We commend you for making a difference in the daily lives of our clients and be assured that we recognize the value that each and every one of you provide. YOU are The Client Experience!!

Kenzie & Sophia

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