One of the many things that makes Worxbee unique is the fact that we make Executive Assistant support easy. We are passionate about the win-win relationships formed between our clients and their high-level executive assistants. We take pride in nurturing, supporting, and growing an Executive Assistant community to provide the best experience possible for the clients they support.We have recently been asked: If that’s the case, “why can’t I roll over my hours?”

There are three things at the top of the list when it comes to a successful relationship with a true EA.

  1. You want to work with your EA consistently for the long term, to really maximize your time investment from the onboarding process and integrating them into your team.
  2. You want to allow your VEA to support you. By setting up re-occurring tasks and getting processes in place to really make a difference in your productivity.
  3. You want someone that will grow with you and your company.

We don’t rollover hours for your benefit.

We want to put you in the right package, which means you are allowing your Virtual Executive Assistant to set up recurring tasks to use all of your hours each month. Our Virtual Executive Assistants usually work with multiple clients, which is how we are able to offer packages of hours instead of full-time support only. We never want one Virtual Executive Assistant to get bogged down with another client’s bank of rollover hours. We want to make sure our EAs are there to support you and plan their time accordingly. If we allowed rollover hours, we could not guarantee this would be the case.

Working with Worxbee:

We will first and foremost be thoughtful in recommending hours. After being paired based on expert recommendations and factors such as admin needs, personality, and skillsets your new VEA knows to set aside time for you. They know they will be actively working for you during that time! The VEA is available when you need him/her and they're able to give their absolute best to you. You have consistency, they have consistency, and the VEA throws themselves into helping you set up processes for productivity and executing tasks for optimal business outcomes. You look back two years later, you’re still working together and you’ve seen significant business growth.