When working from home, it is essential to have routine in place to keep you on track and increase productivity. At Worxbee. we have been in the virtual work game for seven years so we have learned quite a bit about working virtually! Today we have complied some secrets to a productive morning routine when you work remotely.

Get "ready" for the day. Getting dressed can really set the tone for your day and signal that you're in work mode. Choosing something to wear that is comfortable, presentable, and your personal style helps you feel you're best.

Write a plan for your day. You need to have a plan in place in order to reach your goals and complete your daily actions.

Choose some core habits. What keeps you productive? Is it exercising? reading articles related to your industry? meditating for 10 minutes? Everyone is different and it isn't one size fits all. Small habits can have a major impact on your physical, emotional, and mental health. Adopting a "paying yourself first'" mentality will help you be a better worker by the time you sit down at your desk.

Don't let technology own you. One things that is a definite no is checking your inbox as soon as you wake up. It can wait! Take some time to center yourself and visualize what you want to accomplish that day. Take advantage of any tools that will help your day run smoothly such as a project management platform and a digital scheduler. Our team likes to utilize ClickUp and Calendly.

Have a set time time to "arrive" at your desk. At Worxbee, we set core business hours. Part of our success is having a set time to arrive at our desks each morning and a set time to be available to our team members. Arriving at the same time every day also signals the brain that it is time for work!

Plan your breaks. Set break reminders. Regular short breaks can help to keep you energized and focused.

Give yourself grace. Everyone's in a different place right now and most people are in a survival mode. If your day doesn't go as planned or you didn't get something checked off your list, it's ok to start again tomorrow.