Chemistry. It’s what creates the most productive and effective relationships between Executives and their Administrative Professionals, and at Worxbee, we’ve got it down to a science. We’ve identified four unique AP archetypes and use these personas to forge long-lasting matches between busy leaders and superstar assistants—it’s all part of our proven, pre-vetted pairing process: the Admin Roadmap.

1. The Inventor

The Inventor type is the one that’s free-minded and creative. They seek outside-the-box solutions for problems that seem to have a dead end. They look at “problems” as opportunities for success. They don’t take “no” for an answer. They’ll consider all ideas until every avenue is explored. Inventors enjoy the challenge of finding a solution to a complex problem.

2. The Champion

The Champion type can handle high-stress situations with confidence and grace. They’re skilled at navigating the many pieces of large-scale initiatives and can coordinate projects with tact. They’re attuned to the needs of clients and understand their feelings. In fact, they’re talented in both understanding what’s important to the client and finding ways to facilitate that—so both parties are happy.

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3. The Mastermind

The Mastermind type has in-depth knowledge of their chosen field of work. Their knowledge may not be topically broad, but it’s robust in a few specific areas. They think deeply about subjects to discover solutions. A common character trait of these people is silence. Being an introvert is a strength because it gives them time to think. Masterminds will be content with picking up those "deep thinking" tasks and finding solutions to complex scenarios.

4. The Professor

The Professor type combs finely through the details, facts, and figures for consistency or errors. They take satisfaction in being dependable and in finding mistakes. Lovingly labeled as a “Type A” person, the Professor type can be counted on when an enormous task needs to be thought out. They brainstorm the details of what it takes to get a large project to completion.

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Worxbee Has the Right Administrative Professional for You

At Worxbee, we have these four types of Administrative Professional and more. We desire to pair you with someone ready to tackle your everyday projects so you have more time for the important stuff. If you are ready to get back the time you deserve as an executive, then contact Worxbee to set up an intro call. See for yourself how Worxbee is making business better for the future.