83022 Time Is Money Get Moreof Bothwithan Administrative Professional
Time Is Money: Get More of Both with an Administrative Professional

When you reclaim your time from repetitive tasks, you free yourself to pursue the big fish. Sounds too good to be true? Not with an experienced, efficient executive assistant on your side. Experienced APs know how to get tasks done effectively and proactively – saving you time and money. Let’s examine why and how APs save you time and money.

APs support the growth of the company

One of the main draws to having an AP is that they increase productivity and provide problem-solving. Problems come up in business all the time, and a great AP takes the initiative to listen to the issues, understand the context and collaborate with you to provide solutions. Those who are sole business owners or those with a small team will benefit from having an AP. Executives, however, can benefit the most. This brings us to our next point.

An AP frees you up to focus on the big stuff

Executive assistants handle the little things, so the more significant tasks – like actually running a company – can remain your sole focus. Feel like you’re losing hours in the day to paperwork, busywork and frustrating asks? Reclaim your valuable time with an AP at your side. Bottom line: your head may spin when considering all the administrative work that accompanies running a business. Executive Assistants can take care of these items for you. Here’s a short list of things APs can do:

  • Screening or making phone calls
  • Scheduling or moving meetings
  • Planning a business trip to meet with clients
  • Bookkeeping or budgeting
  • Completing paperwork
  • Initial brainstorming on new projects

Two heads are better than one

It’s easier to remember or collaborate when two heads are involved. A seasoned co-pilot can be the secret weapon that makes you look good – even great! – at what you do. APs can take notes, file or organize, do proactive research, meet clients, and arrange meetings. These seemingly menial tasks can fall by the wayside as a business executive. Another mind and set of hands can help you stay on track.

APs = increased productivity

Imagine this: You’re sitting in a meeting with three from your team. The conversation starts strong but wanders off topic after a few minutes. Fifteen minutes go by…20…30… Now it’s time for your next meeting. Did you accomplish the goals for the meeting?

Here’s another (and better) scenario: You meet for the same meeting, but your executive assistant meets with the team too. She/he drafted an agenda for discussion and sent it out earlier in the morning. The conversation meanders like in the first example. Your AP pauses the conversation and reminds the group about the discussion topics. The meeting ends with everything being discussed. Your AP sends out brief meeting notes from the meeting to review, next steps and even initial suggestions for meeting goals.

Which sounds better? Executive assistants help meetings stay on track and increase productivity so you and your team yield results. Quick and to-the-point meetings allow for more productivity.

Worxbee, providing extraordinary assistance for ambitious executives

At Worxbee, we strive to ensure you are poised for success with your Executive Assistant experience. If you’re ready to get time back in your day and money in your wallet, then contact Worxbee [] to set up an intro call. By elevating your partnerships, workflow, and the overall value of your business output, we are changing how business is done. Let’s talk.