What can a VEA do for you?


Virtual Executive Assistant or Virtual Assistant? How the Roles Compare

Are you ready for some help in your business? A virtual executive assistant or a virtual assistant may be right for you. Here are the differences between the two roles:


Noteworthy Client Questions: How to Take Events Online

With the COVID-19 outbreak, the world is changing and business leaders are pivoting to meet those changes. With companies shutting their doors and or operating virtually, business leaders are having to learn new ways to keep their business model going despite the current situation. Many of our clients are asking how to take events online. While it is not possible

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7 Best Time Management Tools From the Worxbee Team

Keeping track of time is an essential part of productivity. It can improve motivation, show your biggest time wasters, and help you to see the real effect of your work. Moreover, you will be able to track which tasks are most productive, while avoiding procrastination during your work day. Time management tools make  productivity easy. Do you need a time

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Virtual Executive Assistant Spotlight- LaurieAnn

LaurieAnn is one of our newest Virtual Executive Assistants! With over 20 years of experience in the Virtual Executive Assistant role, LaurieAnn is well-positioned to bring strong value while increasing productivity through excellent oversight, a focus on growth, and fostering a healthy company environment. She is also a #TEAMCHAMPION VEA type. When LaurieAnn is not working with clients, she likes

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Calendar Management Tips From the Worxbee Team

Is there anything more important than a good calendar? We don’t think so. Many of the executives, CEOs, and business leaders we support would agree, calendar management is key when trying to stay on schedule. We’ve complied a list of tried and true tips from our team: Know your executive Before you start scheduling, get to know the person you

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Being Too Busy Could Harm Your Productivity

You run from meeting to meeting, your inbox is always full, and you never really feel like your to-do list is complete. We get it. Something we’ve learned is that there simply are not enough hours in the day. So we’ve complied a list of things to look out for when nothing seems to slow down. You’re More Likely to

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Virtual Executive Assistant Spotlight – Beth

Beth Beutler is one of the newest members of the Worxbee team. She has been in office administration/executive assistance for more than 30 years! Despite the challenges, she loves running a business and putting her administrative, leadership, communication and creative skills to work.  Most of her career has been spent in the small business or non-profit sector, positioning herself to

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Key Traits of a True VEA

A virtual executive assistant(VEA) can be an extremely valuable asset to your business, so it’s important to find someone who will offer true executive support. When you begin your search for a VEA, there are a few things that set a superstar VEA apart from the rest. When partnering with Worxbee, all of the pre-work is done for you! Our

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What Can a Virtual Executive Assistant Do For You?

Are you considering a Virtual Executive Assistant(VEA) for your business? Maybe you’ve heard the name tossed around, but don’t know what a virtual assistant is or how they can benefit your business. Whether you own a small business or run a nonprofit organization, a virtual assistant can be a valuable resource and help boost productivity. Here is a little more

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What could you accomplish if you had the extra time?

Fact: Most entrepreneurs and executives spend time daily on things they DON’T need to do. So the question is WHY? Some common answers include: I don’t have the time to onboard/train I can’t afford a high-level assistant full-time They won’t do the work better than I would How do I know this person will be reputable? Worxbee’s mission in short—We

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