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Community Membership

Worxbee Community was developed in 2017 with the idea of providing Executive Assistants the high-level support and engagement they need to advance in their roles.

All Worxbee Community members receive full access to:

Monthly Training

Ongoing, high quality, expert-led live training on topics relevant to the Executive Assistant role and the leaders the Executive Assistants support. Engaging topics such as conflict-resolution, understanding social media ads, and reading a budget. As a member of the Community, Executive Assistants will be able to engage with trainers, give feedback, and even request future training topics.

A Place to Engage with Peers

We use the Slack platform for Community members to engage with peers across the country. Members utilize the platform to find quick answers, source new platforms and solutions, and develop workarounds. It is also a place to celebrate wins by acknowledging the amazing ways Executive Assistants go above and beyond to wow the executives they support.

Library Access

The Worxbee Community library provides easy access to best-practice templates and the tools Executive Assistants need, when they need them.

Enterprise Support

  • Do you have five or more Executive Assistants you’re looking to train and support?
  • Do you have a team of Executive Assistants who are suddenly virtual?
  • Are you starting from scratch and overwhelmed with creating a virtual community and support for your company, department, or team?

We understand, and we’re here to help. Here’s how:

  • Turnkey communication and engagement plans for your team.
  • Customized training and support options for your team.
  • Discounted rates.

Need a more customized strategy for your team’s support?  We’ve got you covered with Worxbee Strategy.

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