Noteworthy Client Questions: How to Take Events Online

With the COVID-19 outbreak, the world is changing and business leaders are pivoting to meet those changes. With companies shutting their doors and or operating virtually, business leaders are having to learn new ways to keep their business model going despite the current situation. Many of our clients are asking how to take events online. While it is not possible

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Real Ways to Connect Virtual Teams

As the world shifts and the workplace changes to embrace the virtual model, leaders can still take steps to bring their teams together — Connection is key. Now is not the time to under-communicate. Our team uses Slack, phone, email, and video conferencing to communicate with one another. If a remote team member feels isolated, it can sometimes translate to “My work

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60 Seconds with Our Founder: Implementing Core Hours in light of COVID-19



Working Virtually– Tips from the Worxbee Team

In this day and age, virtual teams have become a fact of life. Remote teams and work options have increased by more than 40% in the past five years alone, and companies that do make this transition have benefited. They are able to hire top talent, retain happy employees, lower costs, make better use of technology, and improve productivity. So

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Best Practice #5- Establish Trust

In this series we’ve explored four best practices for on-boarding a new VEA (Virtual Executive Assistant). Communicate Set Up Process Provide Ongoing Feedback Set Clear Expectations Which all lead to our 5th and final best practice: Establish Trust The foundation of any lasting relationship, professional or personal, is trust. It is easier said than done and it will take some

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Basic Rules to Excel as an Executive Assistant

Working as an Executive Assistant is a challenging task that requires many hard and soft skills if you’re going to thrive. Anyone with a service-oriented mindset and determination can become an effective assistant. Follow these basic rules to excel in your role as an Executive Assistant:   Always be prepared. It’s practically a rule of the universe. When you don’t complete something, you’ll be asked for it. If

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What’s Next for Worxbee in 2020?

There’s no doubt that 2019 has been a huge year for Worxbee — from experiencing huge growth for Worxbee Individual Support (8,600 hours of VEA support for clients!),  launching Managed Shared Services Executive Assistant Support, adding extremely talented people to our team, and offering on-going training for our team, it’s been an exciting 12 months. But, we’re even more excited for what

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7 Best Time Management Tools From the Worxbee Team

Keeping track of time is an essential part of productivity. It can improve motivation, show your biggest time wasters, and help you to see the real effect of your work. Moreover, you will be able to track which tasks are most productive, while avoiding procrastination during your work day. Time management tools make  productivity easy. Do you need a time

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Best Practice #4 Set Clear Expectations

A positive onboarding process is essential when starting service with a new Virtual Executive Assistant(VEA). In this series we are going through 5 best practices for onboarding a new VEA. The onboarding process really shows the true value a talented VEA can bring to any business and kicks things off on the right foot. It is essential for long-term success!

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Virtual Executive Assistant Spotlight- LaurieAnn

LaurieAnn is one of our newest Virtual Executive Assistants! With over 20 years of experience in the Virtual Executive Assistant role, LaurieAnn is well-positioned to bring strong value while increasing productivity through excellent oversight, a focus on growth, and fostering a healthy company environment. She is also a #TEAMCHAMPION VEA type. When LaurieAnn is not working with clients, she likes

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