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Worxbee has been focused on Executive Assistants since 2013. We know there is much confusion when it comes to finding and engaging a true Executive Assistant, and we want to help bridge the gaps. Whether you are improving your hiring process or figuring out new ways to engage your Executive Assistants who are currently working from home, Worxbee is ready to help you develop and execute an action plan.

An Executive with a Servant Leader Heart

An Executive Assistant is an executive in your office, and a true one is usually a career Executive Assistant who wants the opportunity to advance and grow like any other leader. Executive Assistants function at a high level that requires very little oversight. Still, unlike other executives, they can be overlooked for training and coaching out of fear of what will happen if they step away. This can lead to Executive Assistants feeling under-appreciated or stuck. If this sounds familiar, we want to help.

All Worxbee Strategies Start with a Strategy Exploration

Our Strategies focus on helping you maximize the role of Executive Assistants in your organization. At Worxbee, we’ve found that a great Executive Assistant helps increase productivity and is a true win-win, saving time and money for the company.

Your Strategy Exploration may give you everything you need to move forward. Still, for most, it will be a starting point for full service consulting. We will use strategic insight and research to help us determine the best next steps to support you.

Strategy Exploration includes:

  • 45-minute Guided Discussion
  • An Hour of Discussion Topic Research
  • Delivery of Proposed Action Plan
  • 15-Minute Follow Up Call to Review the Action Plan

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