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“Executive assistant relationships are business partnerships: strong ones are win-wins between smart people.” – Harvard Business Review

Running a business is overwhelming, managing people is frustrating, and life is, well, hard. We’re experts in how to make it easier.

Lack of productivity in the workplace often comes from ineffective communication, unclear delegation and continuous distractions. Worxbee eliminates these familiar company struggles and maximizes efficiency by providing virtual executive assistants with unsurpassed level of skill, productivity and business acumen, and who are truly at the executive assistant level.

We take full advantage of your workday hours through our:

  1. Game-changing virtual staffing business – Our business model provides ease of access to a high-caliber and experienced executive assistant team, which increases company productivity with less overhead.
  2. Incomparable Attitude and Culture – Our leadership and executive assistant team are responsive to client needs and have an unsurpassed level of skill, productivity and business acumen that truly makes clients’ lives easier.
  3. Innovative Flexibility of Services – Our client-centric attitude paired with the virtual staffing business model provides clients with adaptable service that’s customized to the ever-changing needs of business.

“The biggest value that Worxbee provided me was doing all the vetting first. I was so overwhelmed with work and in such desperate need for an assistant but didn’t have the time to do the proper search to find the right person. Within a day, you provided me with three solid candidates, scheduled interview calls and gave me all the resources to make a quick and effective decision.” – Julia Shanks, Food Consultant

Worxbee’s Pairing Process

The Worxbee pairing process ensures every new client receives a virtual executive assistant that best suits their personality and business needs.

  • Within four business days of signing up, clients will receive two virtual executive assistant bios based on feedback provided during the initial consultation.
  • After reviewing the two bios, Worxbee will schedule one-on-one phone interviews between the client and potential virtual executive assistants.
  • Once the client makes a decision, the virtual executive assistant will immediately begin the onboarding process with your organization.

Worxbee’s Executive Search Process

We offer executive search for corporate executives seeking an executive assistant. We customize our search based on clients’ needs to find an executive assistant that fits with your organization. For more inquiries, feel free to give us a call at (844) 410-0263.

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