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Executive Assistants maintain the sanity of business leaders. Which is not an easy job. And for a long time, Executive Assistants have been figuring it out on their own.

Of course, un-structured LinkedIn groups and irrelevant digital seminars offer some guidance, but true professional development options are few and far between. Trust us, we looked.

That’s why we developed Worxbee Community.

Worxbee Community offers more than another online network or forum. Our platform provides valuable resources and training specific to the needs of executive assistants (EA). Through download-able templates, live webinars and trainings and real-time conversations with other Executive Assistants, Worxbee Community is revolutionizing professional development.

Discover our library of content including:

  • Webinars
  • Virtual Workshops
  • Downloads/Worksheets
  • Much More

Community Feedback

We’re building a community of carefully vetted Executive Assistants. Professionals who want to be engaged and promote thoughtful conversation. Worxbee Community’s real-time instant messaging creates an environment where you can get your questions answered quickly and easily by your peers.

A Customizable Classroom

We offer templates for travel itineraries and trainings on interpersonal communication and conflict management, as well as a wide variety of other valuable content. Discover webinars, virtual workshops and a library of resources specific to your needs and desired training.

Worxbee’s Purpose: To create an environment where executive assistants and the business leaders they support can THRIVE together.

To us, the word “success” sounds stagnant. At Worxbee, our goal is to go beyond successful relationships. We want to promote relationships that thrive.

So, we’ve developed Worxbee Community, a place where Executive Assistants can connect, collaborate and consult each other with the tools and training needed to keep successful executive relationships thriving.

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We encourage everyone to have a brief call with us, so we can determine if Worxbee is the best fit for you.

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