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How Can Worxbee Help Me?

Virtual Support

Stay two steps ahead and get the support you need by accessing our highly-trained, US-Based Virtual Executive Assistants. Using our subscription based model, you will receive consistent support to increase your productivity.  


Thinking about becoming a Virtual Executive Assistant? Build a business you’ll love by gaining instant access to our online, personalized self-lead coaching. Move at your own pace and learn the skills you need to be successful.  


Increase productivity and reduce overhead. As a corporation, we’ll provide training, resources and structure to your current Executive Assistant team. With the right systems in place, you’ll see an increase in engagement and retention.

“Above all else, we value the true executive assistant and their high executive skills. We take pride in nurturing, supporting, and growing an Executive Assistant community to provide the best experience possible for the clients they support.”
– Kenzie Biggins, CEO, Worxbee