Increasing the productivity of your Executive Assistant workforce helps you control and reduce costs.

With Worxbee, your Executive Assistant is trained to follow a clear process for supporting multiple directors – in addition to having access to ongoing training and development.


Reduced turnover and increased productivity

Engagement through a clear process that is easy for the Executive Assistant and executive to understand.

Executive Assistant’s can support more people consistently across the organization whether they are onsite or virtual.

Our Executive Assistant Consulting Can Help You By:

Improving structure and therefore productivity of your Executive Assistant team

Improving communication and utilization of your Executive Assistant team

Restructuring your Executive Assistant support across org chart, which in turn encourages

Supporting more people

Working in clusters

Working virtually

Evaluating training, affinity, and retention

Transitioning part or all of Executive Assistant team to a virtual workforce

Navigating how to engage independent contractors for Executive Assistant support

Adding to you Executive Assistant talent pool

Seeking ways to engage Executive Assistants through continued education and affinity groups