Virtual Executive Assistant

Life can be busy, and sometimes there aren’t enough hours in a day.

If you think about it, most business leaders are constantly on the go and have already developed a virtual relationship with their office. Worxbee encourages and gives you not one, but two resources you can interview and hire based on your specific needs. With a simple, monthly subscription based model, you gain instant access to our highly-experienced, US-Based Virtual Executive Assistants. From there, you determine the number of hours dedicated to you each month. Your new Virtual Executive Assistants will focus on building routines to complete your tasks, eliminating the need for daily check-ins.

What makes Worxbee Unique?

The answer is simple. We make Virtual Executive Assistant support easy. Through surveys, community support, and training, Worxbee provides ongoing support for you as our client as well as your Virtual Executive Assistants. Our Virtual Executive Assistants have years of experience allowing you to let them accomplish your administrative goals, while you focus on your business needs.

Win-win relationships are the name of our game. Most of our Virtual Executive Assistants are valued as dedicated “Partners” to their clients who they have supported for years.

How Worxbee’s Personalized Approach Works

All packages are based on a set number of active hours each month.
These hours are considered active hours, which is active time your Virtual Executive Assistant is working for you.

We speak with you personally to determine the best package of hours you need per month.
Our minimum we do is 20-hours per month (less than 1-hour per business day!)

We are thoughtful about recommending hours.
We normally recommend clients start with less hours than expected and work their way up. Active hours go a lot further than most people expect. We have clients who have gone from full-time support to 40 active hours per month.

We are thoughtful about the the relationship between you as our client, and your dedicated Virtual Executive Assistant.
Signing up for a bank of hours allows your Virtual Executive Assistant to build a relationship with you that develops recurring tasks. It also secures the Virtual Executive Assistant’s time so you know your Virtual Executive Assistant is dedicated to you and not seeking other ways to supplement their time and income.

We don’t rollover hours for your benefit.
We want to put you in the right package, which means you are allowing your Virtual Executive Assistant to set up recurring tasks to use all of your hours each month. Our Virtual Executive Assistants usually work with multiple clients, which is how we are able to offer packages of hours instead of full-time support only. We never want one Virtual Executive Assistant to get bogged down with another client’s bank of rollover hours.

Signing Up

We encourage everyone to have a brief call with us, so we can determine if Worxbee is the best fit for you.

During your consultation, we will learn more about your needs and recommend the package that is right for you. Once you’re ready to move forward, we have an easy, 10-minute, online sign-up link that we will send you. Once you’re all signed up, we will present two Virtual Executive Assistant bios within 4 business days based on our expert recommendations. We recommend one-on-one phone interviews to help get a feel for their personality and their work style. After you make your decision, our Virtual Executive Assistant can get started right away! Learn more about best practices for working with a Virtual Executive Assistant on our blog.