Virtual On-Demand Admin

Virtual On-Demand Admin Support in a Nutshell

Checkout Our 3 Step Process:

Step 1: Submit Task

Easily submit a task anytime using our online form. Our form allows you to give us details around your tasks including attaching documents and max time you would like for us to spend on the project.

Step 2: Task Received

As soon as you submit your task, it is posted on our platform for one of our certified virtual admins to receive and start. They will contact you directly with any additional information they need to complete your task.

Step 3: Complete & Return

Our virtual admins will complete your task and send it back to you for review. You will also receive a one question survey to rate your experience with your virtual on-demand admin.

Examples of Service Include:

Proofread and add images to your presentation for your regional conference

Create a mailmerge for your upcoming
nonprofit fundraiser.

Enter all of your new contacts from your latest conference into a spreadsheet to be easily imported into your CRM.

Take pictures from your whiteboard brain dump and compose them into a slide presentation.

Research contacts for upcoming meetings and create contact profiles, including pictures and a short bio.

Create a survey to collect all of the information needed to book group travel for an upcoming retreat.

Save with Subscription:

Sign up for 6 prepaid hours of support each month and receive 5% off your service.

Sign up for a 6-hour subscription of Virtual On-Demand Administrative Service using the button below

Receive your very own request link and submit your templates to be stored with your profile.

We automatically bill you your retainer on your rollover day + additional hours from the previous month.

You receive 5% off all your virtual on-demand administrative service.

Isn't it time you amplified your productivity?