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Virtual Executive Assistant Support

We will pair you with a pre-vetted Virtual Executive Assistant based on your specific administrative needs. If you are seeking part-time support, we recommend starting with 40 active hours per month. This starting point is derived from a full time 9-5, Monday through Friday employee, who usually completes an average of 60 active hours of work per month.

Virtual Executive Assistant Support starts at $2,200 per month for 40 Active Hours.

Worxbee’s 1:1 Virtual Executive Assistant Pairing Process

The Worxbee pairing process ensures that every new client receives a Virtual Executive Assistant that best suits their personality and business needs.

After reviewing the two bios, Worxbee will schedule one-on-one phone interviews between the client and potential Virtual Executive Assistants.
Within four business days of signing up, clients will receive two Virtual Executive Assistant bios based on feedback provided during the initial consultation.
Once the client makes a decision, the virtual executive assistant will immediately begin the onboarding process with your organization.

We will help you take full advantage of your workday with our:

Game-changing virtual staffing business

Our business model provides ease of access to a high-caliber and experienced executive assistant team, which increases company productivity with less overhead.

Incomparable attitude and culture

Our leadership and executive assistant team are responsive to client needs. They have an unsurpassed level of skill, productivity, and business acumen that truly makes clients’ lives easier.

Innovative flexibility of services

Our client-centric attitude, paired with the virtual staffing business model, provides clients with adaptable services customized to the ever-changing needs of their business.

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