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An Executive Assistant solution that’s truly at the executive level.

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We’re the gold standard of Executive Assistant solutions, providing an unsurpassed level of skill, productivity, business acumen, and professionalism to help leaders thrive. We will make your work life easier and relieve you of many of the stresses that come with running a business.

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How Can Worxbee Help Me?

Virtual Executive Assistant Support

Whether you’re looking for long-term support or help with a short-term project, Worxbee Support will help you thrive. We’ll place you with a highly skilled Virtual Executive Assistant to support your business needs.

Online Training & Community

Even Executive Assistants need support. Worxbee Community is a place for high-level administrators to connect, collaborate, and share. Our platform provides resources for professional development and growth.

Executive Assistant Strategies

True Executive Assistants make Executives stand out from the crowd. Worxbee can help you develop expert strategies, and practical action plans to help attract, hire, engage, and retain true career Executive Assistants.

A True Executive Assistant

Not all assistants are the same. To help you determine if an Executive Assistant is right for you, we’ve highlighted below some general differences between an Assistant and an Executive Assistant.

Executive Assistants

Project management
Supports an Executive
Drafts and prepares meeting materials
Attends Executive team meetings: takes notes and prepares actionable items document to distribute after meeting adjourns
Manages Executive’s meeting and travel calendar
Plans, organizes and implements departmental meetings and events
Acts as a gateway to the Executive: handling calls on their behalf to protect their valuable time, often resolving issues without having to consult with the Executive


Task management
Supports a team
Prints meeting materials
Sets up conference rooms for Executive team meetings
Manages shared resources and calendar for department
Adds departmental meetings and events to calendars

“Above all else, we value the true executive assistant and their high executive skills. We take pride in nurturing, supporting, and growing an Executive Assistant community to provide the best experience possible for the clients they support.”
– Kenzie Biggins, CEO, Worxbee