You’ve hired an experienced executive-grade virtual assistant — Now What? Delegate, Establish a Relationship, Put Your Superpowers to Use! Here are 101 Ways to Utilize Your VEA:

  1. Scheduling
  2. Calendar Management
  3. Appointment setting
  4. Protecting Your Time
  5. Booking Travel
  6. Planning Travel
  7. Answering Your Phone
  8. Taking Meeting Notes
  9. Project Management
  10. Personal tasks
  11. Process Research and Execution
  12. Expense Management
  13. Budget Management
  14. Bill Pay
  15. Basic Budgeting
  16. Basic Bookkeeping
  17. Transferring Funds
  18. Report Creation
  19. Client Invoicing
  20. Payroll
  21. Email Management
  22. Creating a List in Email Marketing Software
  23. Filtering emails
  24. Finishing Communication From Your Rough Drafts
  25. Managing Spam
  26. Cleaning Out Your Inbox
  27. Online Research
  28. Board and Committee Follow Up
  29. Responding to Meeting Request
  30. Responding to Request to Speak
  31. Following Up With All of the Contacts You Made at a Conference
  32. Looking Up New Apps/Technology
  33. Researching Grants
  34. Looking Up Conferences
  35. Help With Conference/Meeting Planning
  36. Post to Social Media Channels
  37. Queuing Social Media Content
  38. Responding to Social Media Channel Comments
  39. Running a Social Media Contest
  40. Answer inquiries/messages on Social Media
  41. Newsletter Management and Updates
  42. Blog Management
  43. Researching Topics for Blogs
  44. Responding to Blog Comments
  45. Make Doctors Appointments
  46. Content Management
  47. Database building
  48. Search Engine Optimization
  49. Updating Contacts
  50. CRM
  51. Capturing Business Cards to your CRM
  52. Answering Customer Service Emails
  53. Sending Out Holiday Cards
  54. Sending Out Event Invitations
  55. Sending Out Sales Follow-Up Notes
  56. Sending Out Thank You Notes
  57. Holiday Gift Buying
  58. Reminder Services
  59. Google Drive Organization
  60. Preparing PowerPoint Presentations
  61. Transcribing
  62. Simple eBook Layout/Formating
  63. Form Creation
  64. Document Template Creation
  65. Deadline/ Deliverables Tracking
  66. Creating Slide Share Presentations
  67. Sending Out Newsletters
  68. Proofreading
  69. Basic Photo Editing
  70. File Management Like Dropbox
  71. Creating Business Cards
  72. Mail Merge
  73. Creating Business Social Media Pages
  74. Basic Audio and Video Editing
  75. Leaving Voicemails
  76. Making Cold Calls
  77. Participating in Chat Support
  78. Converting, Merging, Splitting PDF Files
  79. Interviewing Previous Customers for Case Studies
  80. Creating a Competitor Analysis
  81. Performing Regular Backups to Insure There is No Lost Data
  82. Performing Generic Errands Such Buying Office Supplies
  83. Collecting Documents for Tax Season
  84. Creating Customer Service Surveys
  85. Putting Together Welcome Packages For Clients
  86. Searching for and Contacting Guests Experts For Blogs, Podcasts, and Webinars
  87. Market Research
  88. Online File Storage Organization
  89. Helping Present Online Webinars and Podcasts
  90. Managing Logins and Passwords
  91. Posting on Job Boards
  92. Screening Candidates
  93. Liaison Between You and Other Team Members
  94. Managing Your Slack to build a Virtual Community
  95. Recruitment
  96. Internal Training
  97. Updating Salaries
  98. Making Calls to Team Leaders About Deadlines
  99. Running an Office Challenge So Employees Can Receive Bonuses
  100. Completing Background Checks on Potential Employees
  101. Creating Employee Checklists

What is on your list? What is something you always say, “If I had the time, I would make ___ happen.