Worxbee’s 5th Year Anniversary is June 11th!

We wanted to share 5 major happenings for five years of service:

For Worxbee, It’s is all about benchmarking Executive Assistant services and making it easier for people to find the resources they need to succeed. So we have built a community of highly sought-after experienced Virtual Executive Assistants, we have partnered with clients all over the world, and we have had a little fun along the way! For our 5th year anniversary, we wanted to introduce some exciting happenings! Read on to discover what’s next for Worxbee.

1. Youtube Video Series: We are sharing insight and answering YOUR questions! Please subscribe to our channel and follow along. You can submit your questions on our youtube channel as well.

2. Club Worxbee: Soon we will be offering open access for Executive Assistants looking to build their community and resources. Something you may not know, is that we use Slack to build our virtual community. We are now opening our channel to offer new EA’s access to peers, trainings, webinars, and more! Stay tuned, you may see some new members added to our channel.

3. Website Renovation(New website with more details.): Websites generally need to be updated every 2-3 years. We love our new website and its representation of our brand.

4. Online Coaching: Our self-guided online coaching is part of our commitment to benchmark the industry. New resources will be available for Executive Assistants interested in joining the virtual workforce.

5. Consulting for corporations navigating the agile economy: We now provide consulting for businesses and corporations so that they increase the productivity of their Executive Assistant workforce, which in turn helps them control and reduce costs.

Our next goal you ask?

Being the brand name for Executive Assistant support!

Check out our newly renovated website for more info or subscribe to our Youtube channel.