Frequently Asked Questions

How am I billed?

You are automatically billed each month with a recurring payment. The payment is drafted based on the day you sign up for service.

What are my payment options?

You may pay by ACH, Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express.

How do I change my payment options?

To change your payment options, contact our bookkeeper at

How am I billed if I go over my hours?

You will receive a notice window with the option to upgrade your account or incur an overage fee before you go over your hours. The overage fee is based on your package. However, if you find yourself frequently going over hours, you should review our pricing page and consider upgrading to a new package.

How do I reactivate my account?

Welcome back! To reactive your account, email us at

Do you offer branded phone service?

We work with Ruby Receptionist to connect our clients to live phone support. There is an additional fee of $200 per month per phone line which includes 35 minutes of live call time each month. This the average number of minutes our clients use per month.

How do I upgrade my service?

If you would like to increase your hours or add an additional virtual executive assistant to your team, simply email us at

How do I cancel my service?

Please contact us at to cancel your service.

How are my hours tracked?

Your virtual executive assistant will track all of your hours. We encourage you to discuss a system for communicating the amount of hours as well as an alert system in case you get close to going over.

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