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Benefits of Becoming a Virtual Executive Assistant with Worxbee

Access to Resources

We are committed to providing ongoing resources that benefit our virtual team. We want to make it easy for people to make money when they want and how they want by sharing skills they have mastered.

Join a Network

Being an executive assistant can be lonely work. We have a growing community of virtual executive assistants who benefit from sharing tools, resources, and funny stories around our virtual watercooler.

Competitive Pay without Contract Negotiation

We offer you a chance to grow your business without the hassle of promoting yourself, being found on a job board, hunting down clients, and negotiating rates and contracts. We believe in paying well for a job well done.

Service Expert Description

Worxbee is revolutionizing support by providing outstanding virtual executive assistant (VEA) support. Where other companies are offering entry-level VA support, we pride ourselves in offering high-quality, executive-level support. We are seeking VEAs who specialize in supporting and increasing the productivity of business professionals and retired executives. This position requires the VEA to serve remotely both as the client’s representative and dedicated executive assistant, which demands interpersonal dynamics, creative problem solving, and confidentiality, as well as a high level of personal accountability. Our VEAs complete a variety of tasks, helping clients succeed, and freeing them up to focus on growing their business. As a VEA, you’ll play the rewarding role of supporting clients from entrepreneurs and small business owners to CEOs.

Our ideal VEA candidate will be able to demonstrate and give examples of proven success in developing client relationships, providing high-level creative solutions to problems, and experience in handling a wide and varying array of executive-support-related tasks.

Worxbee prides itself on developing an in-depth knowledge of our client’s functions, preferences and personality in order to help our VEAs maximize their relationships and the client’s productivity. The team member assigned becomes an integral part of our client’s operations. We believe in creating a win-win relationship for both the client and VEA, so that it is a rewarding relationship.


Competent in skills to work in multiple high-paced environments remotely

Able to accurately gauge multiple client deadlines, and to manage and follow up with those deadlines

Comfortable taking the lead on project management/process design

Able to listen to a client, understand what their problem/challenge is, then formulate a task-plan to help them

Assertive and proactive communicator

Confident and comfortable with customer service

Constantly seeking to engage with clients and comfortable using multiple mediums to communicate including phone, email, video chat, SMS, and software platforms

“Big Picture” thinking

Able to handle highly sensitive material appropriately; a high level of confidentiality is required

Comfortable meeting new people virtually and building new relationships without meeting in person

Willing to quickly learn new technology and systems

Intermediate to advanced knowledge of Google suite and MS Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) and willingness to learn other platforms

CRM management (Salesforce), social media platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook), newsletter platforms (MailChimp, Constant Contact), or bilingual a PLUS.

A computer, a phone, and any other equipment needed to serve clients virtually.

High-speed Internet service (5 megabits download and 1 megabit upload) from a reliable provider.

*Please Note, this is a 1099 Contractor role

Q&A for potential Virtual Executive Assistants

Is this a good side hustle?
Contrary to many blogs, it’s not. The majority of our clients are looking for Virtual Executive Assistants who are available during normal business hours. The majority of our Virtual Executive Assistants have open availability during normal business hours, and Virtual Executive Assistants with a full books of business have full days that keep them tied to their desks.

What separates Worxbee from other VA companies?
That’s easy, we offer true executive assistant support! Where other companies offer freelance task-based virtual assistants, we offer experienced executive-level Virtual Executive Assistants. Most of our Virtual Executive Assistants have 10-20 years of experience.

How long does the average contract last?
The initial contract period is usually 6 months but many of our clients have been around for years. The initial 6 months gives you a chance to get to know the client, build a relationship, and set up processes to help achieve his or her administrative goals. If you do a great job, you can easily establish a long term client.

Can I work with my own independent clients?
Absolutely! Many of our VEA’s work with clients independently and have for years.

Who will be available to me for questions or concerns?
The great thing about working with a smaller business is that you will have direct access to leadership. You will also have the opportunity to connect with peers on our internal messaging channel!

How long will it be before I get my first pairing?
Even with new clients consistently signing up, the timeline varies. Pairing is based on selecting the best candidate for the client’s business needs, communication style, and personality. Sometimes pairing opportunities happen immediately and sometimes they take several months.

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