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Refer Your Friends
Refer Your Friends

Step 1: Join Network

Join our Affiliate Network to start earning for your referrals. It's easy - just fill out the form below and you'll receive an email with a unique code & link you can share with your busy friends, family, and colleagues.

Admin Roadmap Consultation

Step 2: Share the Love

Share your unique code & link with referrals. They will have a quick consultation with one of our specialists and then they'll receive a free Admin Roadmap® identifying their perfect admin solution (a $499 value).

Earn & Repeat

Step 3: Earn & Repeat

Earn $500 for each referral that signs up with Worxbee. Keep referring - there's no limit to your earning potential!

Ready to Get Rewarded?
Join our Affiliate Network Today to Start Referring!

Affiliate Network FAQs:

How do I get started?

It's simple to get started - fill out the sign-up form above and join our Affiliate Network. After completing the form you will receive an email that includes a unique referral code and link to share with your friends, family, and colleagues. Your referrals will use your link to sign-up for their initial consultation. After that call, they will utilize your unique referral code to receive a free Admin Roadmap® that will identify their perfect admin solution (a $499 value).

How & when will I get paid?

When your referral signs-up for service with Worxbee, you will receive an email that will walk you through the payment process. You will need to submit a W-9 and sign-up for e-payment with You will receive a $500 e-payment through per referral. Your $500 will be issued within 45 days after: 1) You complete the payment sign-up process and 2) Your friend signs-up with Worxbee and has paid their first invoice.

Is there a maximum amount I can earn?

There is no limit. We want to help all of your friends find work-life balance with virtual admin support and reward you for each referral!

How does my referral receive the complimentary Admin Roadmap® and how do I get credit for the referral?

They will sign-up for a quick consultation with one of our specialists. Then they'll use the unique referral code you shared with them to receive a free Admin Roadmap® that will identify their perfect admin solution (a $499 value). When they sign-up for service with Worxbee you will be rewarded for the referral.

Do you have to be a Worxbee client to participate in the Worxbee Affiliate Network?

No, anyone is eligible to participate in the Affiliate Network including Worxbee APs. The only exception is current Worxbee employees.

Can I get credit for past referrals?

The Referral Program is only applicable to new referrals that happened after September 15, 2023.

Are there limitations on how I share my unique referral code?

Your unique referral code is a valuable tool for sharing Worxbee services with friends, family, and colleagues who could benefit from them. To ensure that the Affiliate Network remains effective, please avoid mass sharing your unique referral code. Worxbee reserves the right to remove anyone from the Affiliate Network who misuses their unique referral code. By sharing your unique referral code selectively, you can help us maintain a high-quality network of referrals and continue to provide exceptional service to our customers.

I have additional questions. Who can I contact?

Email Katie, our Marketing Director and she will be happy to help.