Are you just starting out as an Administrative Professional, and looking to hone your skills—or even advance your established career? Where do you go—and how do you get started? Finding access to those opportunities hasn’t always been easy, and Worxbee is committed to changing that.

Advancing the EA Education

“Advancing education and being a student of your craft within the Administrative Professional space is critical for both the EA and the Executive they support,” says Kenzie Biggins, Founder and CEO of Worxbee. She points out that mentorship for new EAs has historically been a situational opportunity—it came down to who you knew that was willing to show you the ropes—or you simply didn’t advance as an EA unless the Executive you worked with advanced in their role first.

“I think we place educational resources on things that we value, but at the end of the day, the world has shown that you don't need a college degree to be successful,” adds Biggins. “So, how do we create space and access to advance ourselves? Not just the chosen few leaders, like Executives, but for the talented Professionals who support them?” After all, Biggins notes, there are skilled EAs making well into the six figures, “who are brilliant executives in their own right—they’ve simply elected to take a servant leadership path instead of being the person out in the forefront.”

Professional Development for Executive + EAs

For busy Executives, the benefit of access to Professional Development resources for your support team is clear. “Iron sharpens iron,” insists Biggins. “A great EA can help a leader advance in their career, too. You both help each other level up.” In fact, the right EA can help structure time and create space for their Executive to learn, explore new tools and resources and grow as a leader.

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Worxbee: Leading the Charge for Advancement for Executive Assistants

Worxbee is leading the charge to cultivate this environment of advancement for Administrative Professionals. While there are programs where EAs and others in similar fields can pursue their own professional development, Worxbee is different in that it creates, provides, and invests in an existing environment of educational advancement—ready to be tapped into at any time.

“We've always had training for our administrative professionals, but now we’re getting ready to revamp and refine that training even more, to really hone into a curriculum that helps somebody continue to advance their career—where they can continue learning and honing their craft even while they're supporting executives,” says Biggins.

Ready to Take Your EA Career to the Next Level?

At Worxbee, we’re committed to advancing the education of Administrative Professionals through learning. We support you with helpful articles to further your skills. We pair executives with the right EA, so you have more time for the important stuff. If you are ready to get back the time you deserve as an executive, then contact Worxbee to set up an intro call.