Great leaders know that valuing the diversity of your team is a surefire way to build trust and create an authentic culture of engagement. If, however, putting this concept into action feels like a struggle, there’s good news: great thinkers have spoken and written about it before. We’re sharing book recommendations that can and will enhance your perspective for the better. 

“Everybody needs to think about how they lead, and do they lead in a way that is truly reflective of their team and community,” says Kenzie Biggins, Founder and CEO of Worxbee. “You need to have the courage to stand up for people. So, how do we as leaders, ‘show up?’ I think about the book Good to Great and the levels of leadership it lists. People are often stuck with the level four leader, who…needs everybody praising them and has to have this big voice, but they're not actually doing anything at the end of the day.

Then you have the level five leader, who says, ‘I’m in it with my team, we're getting things done.’ When I think about how you show up at work and make people feel valued and make people feel like they can be a part of the conversation, even though they don't fit this perfect mold of what traditional corporate America looks like, that's all about being a leader who's willing to listen and engage.”

Want to hone your approach to authentic leadership? Start with these three enriching reads. 

Good to Great by Jim Collins 

This book delves into why some companies soar to excellence while others plateau as merely good. Through exhaustive research of 1,435 companies, Collins identifies 11 that made and sustained the leap to greatness. He introduces core concepts like Level 5 Leadership, the Hedgehog Concept, and the Flywheel, illustrating that great transitions stem from disciplined decisions and operations rather than flashy innovation or luck. This seminal work, grounded in data and filled with transformative insights, has become an essential guide for business leaders and entrepreneurs aiming for sustained, top-tier performance in their respective industries. 

Caste by Isabel Wilkerson 

This book presents a profound exploration of the unseen hierarchical structures, or castes, that shape American society. Drawing parallels between the U.S., Nazi Germany, and India, Wilkerson illuminates how these invisible systems influence behavior, aspirations, and relationships. She contends that America's racial woes are deeply rooted in its entrenched caste system, with African Americans relegated to its lowest rung. Through meticulous research and powerful narratives, Wilkerson challenges conventional understanding of racism, suggesting that caste, more than race or class, drives discrimination and division. Her work offers a groundbreaking lens on America's enduring racial hierarchy. 

A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson 

This book is a reflective exploration of spiritual awakening through the teachings of "A Course in Miracles." Williamson presents the idea that our innate nature is love, and our life's purpose is to return to this foundational essence. The book emphasizes that through embracing love and forgoing fear, individuals can achieve inner peace, mend relationships, and manifest positive transformations in their lives. Drawing on personal anecdotes and meditative insights, Williamson offers a compassionate guide to rediscovering love's power, asserting that it's not just a personal journey, but the key to healing the world's discord. 

Final Thoughts about Books and Leadership 

In the realm of leadership, authenticity stands as the bedrock upon which trust and transformative impact are built. These three seminal works offer not just tools, but profound insights into the heart and soul of true leadership.  

As you embark on or continue your leadership journey, let the wisdom contained in these pages serve as your compass. Authentic leadership is not just about reaching goals; it's about enriching lives, fostering meaningful relationships, and cultivating a culture where everyone feels valued.  

Leaders sometimes lose the spark from time to time. Reading reignites it. 

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