“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing you can do is keep your mind young.” – Mark Twain.

One of our core values that we pride ourselves on here at Worxbee is being a student of your craft. To us, this simply means never stop learning and improving! Today we explore best practices for lifelong learning:

Up your skills. What could you learn to help you thrive in your personal or professional life? A skill set is a combination of abilities, qualities and experiences you can apply to perform tasks well. These can include soft skills such as interpersonal skills, organization and leadership as well as technical skills such as research, computer programming, accounting writing and more. Spending time on improving your skills can help you achieve personal career goals such as earning a promotion or becoming an expert on a certain topic. Your skill set can be applied to progress in your current career or expanded to focus on future career goals.

Keep up with your industry. Successful people are always ahead of the curve. In today's world that means subscribing to industry blogs, keeping up with your competitors, reading weekly news articles related to your field, and making sure to network appropriately. An easy way to accomplish this is leveraging your LinkedIn account.

Find a mentor or coach. Finding a mentor or coach has so many benefits! The main reason being, to ensure someone is always finding ways you can push yourself toward getting better in all your daily operations and goals. Humans are not wired to always be in growth mode, we get resilience fatigue. If you find someone who has been there and done that and is also truly passionate, they will continue to push you toward excellence.

Tell others about your learning goals. This one goes hand in hand with finding that mentor or coach. Goal sharing is hallmark amongst all true professionals of their craft. It is important to share your goals with others because the goal then becomes reality! The first thing to do when accomplishing a goal is to verbalize it, share the goal, and then put in the work to achieve it. The accountability by sharing allows you to grow and also challenges the person you are sharing the goal with to hold you accountable and track progress.

Widen your perspective. Hear other people's viewpoints, learn what makes them tick. Have conversations with people that are different than you. Diversity leads to greater innovation!

Adopt a growth mindset. Why is a growth mindset important? It takes a conscience effort and focus to grow. People with a growth mindset are much more resilient which allows them to overcome challenging and difficult situations. Because they prioritize learning over failure, they are unafraid to take risks. They prioritize growing over stagnation, focusing on process over results. When you achieve a goals think of what set you up for that success. Processes are malleable, if something doesn't work, you can change it.