Hey, solopreneur: with no one to hand the busywork off to, there’s a good chance you’re reaching the limit of your productivity capability as a lone executive. Delegation helps you stay focused on the bigger picture at work by freeing your schedule from the smaller “less significant” tasks. Executive Assistants help you save time and money by increasing productivity and providing problem-solving. Worxbee Executive Assistants are specifically trained to help conquer those delegated tasks. Here are a few ways delegation saves you time, money, and stress.

It frees you to focus on priorities

One of the most critical roles of an executive is establishing a vision for the company. Smaller, more menial tasks can cloud the vision of even the most visionary leaders. Day-to-day busywork hinders the creative process of big-picture thinking. Executives need to use “creative space” to think with focus—or expansively!—about a situation or the future. Problem-solving requires thinking time, and Executive Assistants free up your schedule to do more of it.

It gives you more time in your day

An Executive Assistant can lighten your calendar by handling the minor (yet significant) things on your to-do list. Empowering your executive assistants with trust and authority allows them to make decisions on your behalf. This stops you from becoming the bottleneck in decision-making. Fewer interruptions and shorter conversations mean more time back for you (and more time for coffee breaks and vacations, too).

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It shares the load so you don’t do it all

As a solopreneur, you won’t be able to do everything in a day. Some things are bound to fall through the cracks. But with an executive assistant, you’ll be able to tackle large projects through collaboration. Delegation allows multiple people to do smaller, more bite-sized tasks with excellence, rather than one person doing numerous tasks with rushed ambition.

It helps shape a training process

There may come a time when you need to hire an employee. Delegation pinpoints a process for training new hires.As you delegate tasks to Executive Assistants ask your EA to maintain a document with a record of how to do the tasks. When it comes time to hire an employee, you’ll have a detailed description of how to do the job. Use this checklist as a training manual for the next person. Now your Executive Assistant has more time in their day, too!

It reduces stress on you

Most importantly, delegation saves you the stress of having to juggle multiple things on your plate. Executive Assistants can do many things for you and your business—here’s a brief rundown of just a few:

  • Scheduling or moving meetings
  • Making phone calls
  • Preparing trips for business
  • Budgeting or bookkeeping
  • Initial brainstorming for projects
  • Finalizing or drafting paperwork

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Worxbee assists with those delegated tasks

At Worxbee, we strive to ensure you are poised for success with your Executive Assistant experience. Our focus is to develop and deliver key resources to our Executive Assistants and the leaders they support. If you’re ready to delegate and get back the time and money you deserve, then contact Worxbee [] to set up an intro call. See for yourself how Worxbee is making business better for the future.

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