Artificial intelligence is rapidly changing our world and the way that we do business. Even though we’re still in the beginning stages of what’s possible through AI, we already use AI quite a bit in our daily lives. From recommendations on Netflix to individually curated social media feeds to navigation maps on our smartphones that analyze traffic patterns, AI is all around us.

We’re immersed in computer science. It makes sense to use this smart technology at work in a greater capacity to extend our reach and increase our productivity.

In this post, we'll explore the many ways that you, as an administrative professional, can incorporate AI into your day and improve your workflow.

What is AI and How Does It Work?

Artificial intelligence is a computer system that mimics human behavior and intelligence. This system is self-learning and can act independently from humans. Because it's a computer system, AI can take in a huge amount of information and analyze it to detect patterns and make predictions. Humans use AI to make smarter decisions for the future.

AI uses machine learning to understand human actions. It creates predictions based on historical data. It then uses what it’s learned to decide which way to respond to a human action. It will then learn from the outcome of that action.

Of course, we've all seen those blockbuster sci-fi movies where deranged robots enslave humankind, but for now, that's only a work of fiction. Although constantly evolving, our AI is very young and learning.

What are the Benefits of Using AI in Your Workplace?

Before we discuss how to incorporate AI in your business environment, let's tackle the why. Why should you incorporate AI in your workplace? After all, if there’s nothing wrong with your current workflow, should you really replace what you’re doing with AI?

The answer is yes, but slowly. Here’s why: Not only is AI the future, but it’s also a powerful ally for every administrative professional right now. If you can add just one or two AI programs into your workday, you will be able to dramatically increase productivity.

Here are four ways that AI can benefit APs in almost every work environment:

Eliminates Repetitive Tasks

Rescue yourself from performing the same low-level tasks again and again. Instead, offload those duties onto an AI system. AI can automatically handle the monotonous tasks in the background. This move will free you up to do higher-level activities.

Solves Problems

Did you know that AI can solve riddles, dilemmas, and downright problems? Yes, it's possible! You can rely on sophisticated AI programs to discover patterns, analyze data, and predict future events in all sorts of scenarios, from recording and transcribing meetings to making travel plans.

Saves Time

Time is money and, as an AP, your time is pretty valuable. By using AI in your workflow, you ensure that you’re working on the most important tasks that will deliver the best outcome for your exec. AI can handle routine processes while you focus on your higher level tasks, whether those tasks are creative, analytical, strategic, or all of the above.

Future-Proof Yourself

As AI becomes more of a standard in the workplace, employers will want to hire APs who are comfortable (or at least familiar) with AI technology. By getting acclimated to these systems now, you will have an advantage over the competition. You’ll know how to use these systems to save time and money, and increase your value to an employer.

What Can AI Do to Help in the AP role?

Let’s now discuss how to use AI to improve your daily workflow.

There are so many unique ways you can use AI in your office environment. In this post, we’ll go over the easiest ways to get started with AI today.

Here’s how to use AI in the workplace:

Take On Low-Priority Tasks

There are some repetitive business tasks that beg to be automated. For example, backing up your hard drive, posting to social media on a schedule, and paying recurring invoices? All of these tasks are necessary, but can take time away from the more important things you need to do during the day. Fortunately, you can automate these tasks with the help of AI.

Create Contracts

Is creating contracts a typical part of your job as an administrative professional? Fortunately, AI can help you out.

AI can help you create, share, and store contracts between your executive and other key stakeholders. Use contract automation software to streamline the process and get contracts signed quickly. AI can also automatically notify you or relevant parties when it's time to renew a contract.

Prepare Expense Reports

In addition to contracts, AI can help you prepare all manner of business reports for your exec. One of the most important reports that you can hand off to AI is the dreaded expense report.

Instead of manually inputting information from receipts, you can use a real-time expense capture app like Receipt Stash to automatically capture, code, and store your expense data in seconds. Receipt Stash tags expenses with tracking codes or other data which makes it easy for you to reference in the future.

Coordinate Meetings

When it's time to coordinate a meeting, going back and forth is the worst. Fortunately, a scheduling tool like uses artificial intelligence to communicate so that you don't have to.

Improve Your Outgoing Communication

You can use AI apps to assist with your outgoing communications.

You can use AI to tailor your written approach. Crystal is a communication platform that uses psychology and AI to predict a person's personality and preferences. It learns about people based on their online footprint. You can use Crystal to compose more persuasive emails to people. Crystal gives you insights into how someone will respond to your message, and offers suggestions to improve your content for best results.

Transcribe Video Meetings

Ever wish you could convert a meeting with clients or with your exec into searchable text? There's an AI app for that. Actually, there are several apps, including tools like Sonix and SpeechText.AI that use machine learning to transcribe audio files. These transcription tools can be stored and searched at a later date.

Create Slide Show Presentations

Is it part of your job to create presentations for your exec? If designing presentations is not part of your skill set, never fear. AI to the rescue again.

You can use presentation tools like or DeckRobot AI to create professional-looking slide presentations in minutes without a human designer.

Final Thoughts

AI is a collection of smart technologies that you can use to improve your work processes. While AI is still in its infancy, it’s not too early to start getting acclimated to using AI in your business life. After all, it’s very likely that you already use AI personally.

Far from scary, AI is smart, convenient, and a valuable tool for adding even more value to your executives.

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