We've said it before, and we'll say it again! Giving and receiving feedback is key to establishing a relationship with your virtual team or Virtual Executive Assistant (VEA). One of the best ways to foster a positive work environment and create a happy working relationship is to establish a feedback as a normal core value. You should be 100% comfortable sharing feedback with your VEA or virtual team.

Tips for giving on-going feedback

  • Make it a daily practice, but collect and record feedback quarterly.
  • Focus on productivity.
  • Be factual and focus on Key Performance Indicators(KPIs).
  • Outline the benefits of your feedback.
  • Remember, your team wants to improve and wants you to be successful. Make it a two-way conversation

How We Make Feedback Part of Our Culture at Worxbee

At Worxbee, we feel it is best to be transparent and provide feedback to one another on a daily basis, as it is one of our core values. We collect feedback quarterly, both internally and externally through surveys, to make sure we have it in writing as well. Another key to feedback is to focus it around productivity. We use KPIs to establish goals and expectations for everyone within our organization. Lastly, we outline and communicate the benefits of feedback, what is the positive ideal outcome? We listen to one another and create a path forward to accomplish our goals.

Remember, at the end of the day, your VEA wants to improve your business and help you take it to the next level. Our VEAs are results driven and have had longevity in the industry. Making feedback part of your culture will make everyone in your organization more productive, engaged, and driven to accomplish their goals.

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