With the COVID-19 outbreak, the world is changing and business leaders are pivoting to meet those changes. With companies shutting their doors and or operating virtually, business leaders are having to learn new ways to keep their business model going despite the current situation. Many of our clients are asking how to take events online. While it is not possible to hold physical events currently, it doesn’t mean the event can’t go on.

If you need to cancel a physical event you planned and re-schedule it virtually, here are some steps you can take:

Pick a platform and set up your event. Zoom, GoToWebinar, Google Hangouts, and Cisco Webex are all online conferencing platforms. You just have to decide which one makes the most sense for your event, budget, and business model. Once you do decide on a platform, you can easily add the video conference registration link to your event communication.

Define the event format. Will the event be recorded? Who will welcome attendees? Will there be Q&A? Will it just be a presentation without any interaction? These are all things to think about when planning your event.

Engage your audience. Maintaining a human connection by engaging your audience is key to successful virtual events. Higher quality speakers and presenters will translate to better engagement! Q&A is an also an interactive way to keep engagement going until the event is over.

Monetize your event. If you had planned to monetize your event, this is still possible through a registration fee. You can set up your event so that the attendees pay when they sign-up!

Work out any technical issues beforehand. It is important to complete this step BEFORE your event starts by logging in at least 10 minutes before the event. A few things to check include your computer video and mic, making sure the link works for the attendees, and making sure the host has access and can share their screen if needed.

Keep the conversation going after the event. Make sure to keep the conversation going by sharing the recording of your event, sharing any materials such as guides or handouts of what was covered, asking follow-up questions on social platforms, and sending out surveys to your attendees. By sending out a survey, you can easily gauge feedback and ask what your audience would be interested in for future events.

Worxbee is leading the way on helping businesses thrive virtually, if you would like to learn more please feel free to schedule a call.