At Worxbee we take pride in our immensely talented Virtual Executive Assistants. Our service experts have a wide variety of experience and expertise that are beneficial to our client's administrative needs. With that being said, we have nailed down four VEA types and how they are all exceptional. Read on to discover what VEA type you are, or get a better idea of what a true Virtual Executive Assistant can do!

The Mastermind

Our Masterminds are intelligent and quick-witted thinkers with in-depth knowledge of their chosen fields, combining insight with daring thinking. Precise and clear communicators, Masterminds will always let you know the best possible path to progress. Deeply fond of working on tricky projects, Masterminds will be quite content to pick up those “impossible” tasks you have and cracking away at them until they find a solution.

The Champion

Our Champions are compassionate and energetic communicators with an adaptable nature, comfortable in one-on-one customer/client relations and organizing larger scale projects. Highly attuned to the needs and feelings of the client, Champions are able to find out what is most important to the client, and can find a way to facilitate that to great effect. Our Champions thrive in situations with many moving parts, and are the perfect person to become a hub for multiple lines of communication.

The Professor

Our Professors are finely tuned to the world of details, facts, and figures, and thrive when left to their own devices. With a strongly developed sense of personal dependability, Professors are willing to take on large workloads under their own personal supervision. Enthusiastic about constructing a well-defined process, our Professors welcome and accept freely any constructive criticism a client might have, and will often spot trouble spots long before anyone else notices.

The Explorer

Our Inventors are free-minded, creative thinkers who enjoy finding outside-the-box solutions to seemingly dead-ended problems. Inventors are impartial, objective thinkers who won’t close any avenue of discovery until it’s been explored. Highly adaptable, our Inventors enjoy finding their way through new environments, and always enjoy the challenge of wrestling with a new skill-set, and are equally at home easing communication between multiple parties and picking up new projects and running with them.

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