Realistically, every business owner knows they need a Bookkeeper. But most small businesses just can't justify the cost to hire right away. Today we interviewed our very own Virtual Bookkeeper, Jessie Wallace to get her opinion on outsourcing a Virtual Bookkeeper like herself.

How can a virtual bookkeeper save you time?

At some point, in order to pursue healthy growth, business owners have to focus on the high-level tasks that only they can do. Bookkeeping is tedious, time-consuming, and specialized, but it's also one of the easiest tasks to outsource because there is a common framework for the tasks involved. After a bookkeeper learns your business, that person will be able to do the work faster and more thoroughly than you, and the extra time you have can be spent on building your business.

How can hiring a virtual bookkeeper save you money?

I do the same things for my clients that I do for myself. That is, I constantly monitor my expenses and look for ways to save money. This just isn't something that most business owners have the time to stay on top of. Beyond that, the data and reports generated from a good bookkeeper's work provide the most basic information needed to increase revenue, avoid cash flow problems, and identify opportunities for better processes.

What are some of the other benefits that small businesses in particular do not think about when hiring a virtual bookkeeper?

When you offer the benefit of virtual work, you're getting access to a wider segment of the working population. Virtual work opens up the marketplace to people who want or need more flexibility with their work schedule, and those are some of the most quietly productive workers in this economy. They're often women and many of them are also caregivers. By the nature of their other work, they're constantly solving problems and switching between complicated tasks, which translates well to bookkeeping tasks. I personally prefer virtual work because I don't want to commute in traffic, I like to be at home in my own space (with my dogs), and I prefer to work longer hours per day, so that I can take off time during the week (when the weather is nice, for example). Another benefit of virtual bookkeepers is that they are usually well-versed in (and stay on top of) new workplace technologies.

How do you go about finding a virtual bookkeeper?

All of my bookkeeping clients have come from word of mouth. Half of my clients previously did the work themselves, and the other half used online bookkeeping services where they weren't assigned a specific person that they could rely on individually. As with all good relationships, spend some time figuring out what you want and need, and communicate that information well and often.

Overall, outsourcing a Bookkeeper will help save you time and money. It also makes your business scalable, whether you want to cut spending or expand. Virtual support will help you accommodate those changes as they come. Ultimately, it will give you peace of mind as and Entrepreneur... and that's worth it's weight in gold!

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