Working as an Executive Assistant is a challenging task that requires many hard and soft skills if you’re going to thrive.

Anyone with a service-oriented mindset and determination can become an effective assistant. Follow these basic rules to excel in your role as an Executive Assistant:

  1. Always be prepared. It’s practically a rule of the universe. When you don’t complete something, you’ll be asked for it. If you don’t bring something, it will be needed. If you’re not prepared, you’ll be asked a question you can’t answer, but should be able to. Plan ahead.
  2. Be willing to make a mistake. Mistakes are going to happen. Continuous improvement is the key.
  3. Understand what is needed from you. Some Executives will spell it out quite clearly. Others either don’t know what exactly they want from you or communicate their needs poorly. Ask questions.
  4. Anticipate your Executive’s needs. This takes time, but it’s one of the hallmarks of a goodExecutive Assistant. Ask yourself what your Executive needs or is going to need. You’ll be surprised how good you get at this.
  5. Learn. Each Executive Assistant job will require skills and knowledge you don’t currently have. Be prepared to learn, even on your own time. You may need to learn a new software program or how to deal with disgruntled employees. Each new skill makes you stronger and more valuable.
  6. Take care of yourself. Powerful people can be a bit brusque at times. You might be asked to do things you think are unreasonable. Be strong enough to stand up for yourself.
  7. Develop daily, weekly, and monthly routines. There will be certain tasks that need to be accomplished on a consistent basis. Develop time - efficient and practical routines to get those items done.
  8. Work on your internet skills. The value of the internet is expanding daily. Between research, social media, and all the software platforms that are online, the internet is invaluable.