Answer the 5 "W's"

First thing's first, tell your audience what's happening! When it comes to a great email invite, refer to the 5 W's — who, what, when, where, and why. This is a good rule of thumb when writing a great email invite. If you answer all five, you're ready to hit send!

  1. Who: You'll want to make a list of invitees and make sure you add contact information for each key person. This way, if someone has a problem connecting, everyone has another form of contact information to use. For example: Sophia(555-213-2139) to call Angela(555-656-7788).
  2. What: Make sure you give the invite a good title description. You'll want to accurately describe your event so they don't have to question what it is.
  3. When: Date and Time will need to be accurate as well. We always recommend double checking to make sure the time zone is accurate.
  4. Where: Will it be a call, a live event, or video conference? If it's meeting link, you can just post your URL right there in the location box.
  5. Why: It's always good to add a reminder in your event details about why the event is taking place and answer any questions your attendees will have about the event. Some additional details include directions (If you're meeting in-person.), an agenda, and any dial-in phone numbers.

By implementing the 5 "W's" your meeting invite will rock and all your attendees will have the clarity they need. To learn more about Worxbee and how we can help your business please set up a call!