A virtual executive assistant(VEA) can be an extremely valuable asset to your business, so it’s important to find someone who will offer true executive support. When you begin your search for a VEA, there are a few things that set a superstar VEA apart from the rest. When partnering with Worxbee, all of the pre-work is done for you! Our EAs have an average of 10 years in the industry supporting high-level executives and business leaders, references, experience working virtually and the list goes on and on.

Here a 5 key qualities to look for in your next VEA:

Time Management Skills

Since your VEA will be working with little supervision, it’s important that he or she possesses exceptional time management skills. Depending on your needs, an assistant will most likely have to juggle multiple jobs on a daily basis. Your assistant should be able to prioritize their tasks and stay focused while working from home. Not only will your assistant manage their time, but they will also be managing your time. A great assistant will need the skills to plan out important meetings or create travel itineraries.

Good Communication

A VEA, like any executive assistant, needs to have great communication and customer service skills. They are often the first point of contact within a business. These skills are important if you want your assistant to answer phone calls, schedule appointments, or respond to leads. Efficient communication is also important for internal discussions. Since you won’t be communicating often in person, it’s important that your assistant can clearly express their thoughts over the phone or through written correspondence.

Detail Oriented

In this fast-paced work environment, having a VEA that is organized and detail oriented is essential. With the nature of the job, a VEA may be working on multiple projects at the same time, so keeping everything separate and organized is a great skill to have. A good VEA can keep schedules updated and data in the right place. Having good organization is the most important step to having a more productive workday. Along with organization, a great VEA needs to be detail oriented. A VEA can help find and correct mistakes, which will save you time in the long run.


With so many different tasks to handle, a good VEA needs to be adaptable. You may have different projects for your assistant to handle and as your business grows, you may want your assistant to take on more responsibilities. Finding someone that is adaptable will prepare you for when things change or when you need more help. An adaptable VEA will be ready to take on any challenge and grow with your business.

Tech Savvy

All VEAs need to have a basic knowledge of computers and software like Microsoft Office, but a virtual assistant needs to be even more tech savvy. All interaction and work will be completed on the computer or by phone, so it’s important that your VEA understands other applications like video chat, file sharing, and simple troubleshooting.

These five qualities are extremely important if you’re interested in hiring a VEA. At Worxbee, our VEAs maintain these high standards, including high professionalism and productivity. Contact us if you’re looking to hire a superstar VEA for your business.