Anyone that has worked virtually has heard them: "So what do you do all day?" "Wow, you must have so much free time." "You are so lucky to be able to keep up with housework during the day. "All of which either make us virtual workers laugh or mumble under our breath... but the real truth is that working from home is very productive if managed correctly. So we complied a list of helpful tips we have learned along the way.

  • Have a Dedicated Office Space: A dedicated office space is a space that you alone will use for work. You need to have a separate work area when working remotely, it allows you the ability to focus on your work and increase your productivity. Make sure you have a comfy chair, good lighting, high-speed internet, and personal touches.
  • Keep your Computer Organized: Make sure you keep your computer organized and updated, this will save you time and energy in the long run.
  • Close The Door: This one is pretty simple, when your door is open, visitors can come in. If it is closed, you are busy. This will help keep the distractions at bay.
  • Set Office Hours: This one is often overlooked, but it really does help! Make sure your family and clients are aware of your work hours, and, most of all, be sure you adhere to them. Set a time and stick to a scheduled break. That way, you won't look up from a project at 3pm and forget to take your break. Setting office hours also helps prevent your work life balance from being thrown off.
  • Connect With a Peer: Working virtually can be lonely work. We schedule virtual "coffee breaks" to catch up and connect with peers.
  • Go Outside!: Even if all you is step out on your porch for a few minutes, it's rejuvenating. Moving is crucial when you sit at a desk most of the day. Not only does it get your blood flowing, it also help you become more productive throughout the workday. We try to do it every single day.

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