Here at Worxbee we pride ourselves on our talent pipeline of Virtual Executive Assistants. We know partnering with top talent is a major component of our client's success. Luckily for us, we are able to acquire talent from across the map because we are not limited to a geographical location. This often leads to the question "How do you build a virtual community for your team? "The answer is simple. We use Slack! As the benchmark of executive assistant support, Worxbee helps connect professionals to executive assistant services, permanent placement, and consulting. Running a Virtual Assistant Company — that operates internationally, with VEAs working in multiple cities around the country, requires a lot of communication and a shared vision. Slack enables us to communicate directly or collaborate through group channels like our virtual #watercooler. We have created #channels in our community for topics like #resources_training, #kudos, #watercolor and more. Everyone can control their channels and notifications how they see fit. We use these #channels to connect, check-in, and build our team culture.With Slack our communications workflow is streamlined, which allows us to be more productive. From the beginning, we've believed that an email should only come from a client or prospective client. Utilizing Slack has helped us eliminate a lot of clutter in our inboxes and has ultimately helped us streamline our communication to build and establish our virtual community.To learn more about Worxbee, and find the right VEA match for your company, feel free to schedule a call!