4623 How CE Osand Admin Assistants Work Better Together Why You Needan Action Plan
How CEOs and Admin Assistants Work Better Together: Why You Need an Action Plan

Whether you are a solopreneur or a CEO, think back to the last time there was upheaval in your personal life: were you able to totally walk away from the job, and assume everyone else knew what needed to get done? We’re guessing the answer is “no.”

We often don't allow true leaders to be human—we just expect them to keep going and meet our needs all the time,” reveals Kenzie Biggins, Founder and CEO of Worxbee. “In the same way, we don't always allow our Administrative Professionals to be human, because there are so many things that they do extraordinarily well when they are sick, when they are experiencing loss, when something else is happening,” and it’s often because they do those tasks quickly and proactively, eliminating business pain points almost overnight.

The Benefits of an Action Plan When Hard Times Arise

At Worxbee, when someone is hired, we feel like companies should strive to have an action plan, and for some reason, Administrative Professionals are not always given the same graces as other people joining the team. They still need to get to know your system and programs, but they also need to get to know how you like to work—even down to how you like a document formatted. Clarity and open communication are key.

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It’s important to realize that even the best EA is still only human: “If you haven't cultivated the relationship yet, how can you expect someone to know what they’re supposed to do? An action plan can create mutual responsibility toward cultivating a meaningful and productive relationship. That’s why Worxbee emphasizes time to introduce each Administrative Professional to their new Executive’s systems, processes, and priorities—to actually have a plan for what's most important,” says Biggins.

How We Implement an Action Plan

So, how does the action plan work at Worxbee? It’s a seamless part of our proprietary Admin Roadmap. Once you’ve been guided through a swift, science-backed consultation, you’ll receive a custom report that outlines next steps for success—and once you’re paired with an Administrative Professional, that individual will then work with you on the action plan, including what will happen in order to solve each short-term and long-term pain point and realize success.

After that, every follow-up check-in will reference and match up to the original action plan to see how things are progressing forward. It gives more accountability and transparency on both sides.

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Your Next Steps as an Executive or CEO

Beyond an action plan, we know how important it is for the right pairing between CEO and admin. We pair you with an intentionally selected Administrative Assistant who is ready to tackle your everyday projects. This allows you to have more time for the important stuff—saving you time and money. If you are ready to get back the time you deserve as an executive, then contact Worxbee to set up an intro call or schedule an Admin Roadmap consultation.