In this new mini-series of WORXBEE blogs, we turn to Kenzie Biggins, Founder and CEO, for thought leadership highlights that reveal important shifts, innovations, and developments in workplace culture.

On today’s agenda: the human element of the future of work.

What’s Lacking in Business: The Human Element

This is what’s on my mind right now: how we truly engage people has been lost,” says Biggins.

The future of work is complex: people, the economy, inflation, and how it all comes together.

“I’ve encountered colleagues and clients who forget that it’s not just them in the administrative assistance relationship — who act like they're talking to a computer that's providing support for them — when in reality, this is another human supporting you.

If workplace relationships have felt all too transactional lately, it might be time to reevaluate how you interact with your team — especially in chat and virtual settings. It can pay off in more effective collaboration.

The Solution to Adding a Human Touch

“I like to remind people: your administrative support professional is another human, one who can build their level of intuitiveness over time to better predict your needs, and who can create an environment where they are proactively thinking a step ahead of you,” insists Biggins, “but you also have to be willing to build that relationship.”

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COVID-19 is partly to blame for the change in the way we do business, but it has also acted as a catalyst to a culture change.

“Before the pandemic, we did reach this point where it felt like people were disposable,” adds Biggins. “Now, we've transitioned into this place where people often hold onto the wrong person for the role, not because they're the right talent for them, but because they need warm bodies in a seat.“

When we think about the future of work, it is being bold. Bold about actually building a meaningful team, having that meaningful human connection, which can mean terminating somebody from your team that's not the right fit.

This can be hard to swallow and hard to do as a CEO, but at the end of the day, it’s about building a business with the right people in the right seats.

Worxbee: The Future of Virtual Assistants

Worxbee has a proven, in-depth pairing process that values matching the right people with the right solution. We make it easy to build a longer-lasting, more productive relationship with a skilled administrative professional.

“As a leader, if you're taking bold steps to create a great culture and community, it’s important to remember that it’s not just the responsibility of someone working for you, it is also your responsibility to work with them to build an environment where you can both be successful together,” concludes Biggins.

If you are ready to get back the time you deserve as an executive, then contact Worxbee to set up an intro call or schedule an Admin Roadmap consultation.

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