In the second installation of this blog mini-series, we sat down with Kenzie Biggins, Founder and CEO, for actionable insights into smarter, more sustainable ways of working—whether you’re a soloprenuer, small business or big corporate outfit.

How Worxbee is Different than Gig Workers

“I’ve noticed a shift in how people think about engaging contractors, which needs to continue,” reveals Biggins. “I think the challenge is the federal government is overcorrecting for the ‘Ubers of the world,’ and what they don't feel should be happening. But in the same breath, there's a group that has chosen the gig economy on purpose.”

Biggins is quick to note that Worxbee is not the gig economy—their pool of Administrative Professionals are talented individuals who function, grow and learn as a whole—yet working with Worxbee still delivers many of the valuable benefits of engaging a contractor.

Contract Workers Can Jump In at Any Time

“The change we're seeing is more companies being open to using contractors, because it's an opportunity to have experts automatically jump into your business to help you. Of course, that doesn't mean they magically know everything about how your business operates,” adds Biggins, who makes it clear that you still need to take the time to build that relationship.

“I think this is where the country needs to continue to head, because it's a huge opportunity to let people do what they love and also increase our number of small businesses.”

This has been a huge area of concern federally. America has been reducing the number of small businesses for decades—but these same small businesses play an oversized role in driving our economy.

“So if we want to continue to drive our economy that way, we have to be open to contractors and the role they play in our business ecosystem.”

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Worxbee is the Answer to Hired Workers

In fact, the majority of businesses who engage Worxbee talent are smaller businesses—but more and more major organizations are coming on board every day.

“That's one of the things that differentiates us,” adds Biggins. “A lot of our competitors are focused on being the one-stop-shop for small businesses only. Our focus is being the go-to authority on administrative solutions,” no matter the size of the organization—from tiny brick and mortars to massive agencies.

“We help our customers understand how engaging an expert [like a contractor] for exactly the amount of hours and support you need makes for smarter, more efficient scalability.“

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