Did you know that one of our top frequently asked questions comes about when clients are looking to partner with a Virtual Executive Assistant? They ask, “how is Worxbee different from Upwork?” Believe it or not, there a ton of differences, and all of them benefit you… the client!

VEA Selection and The Value of Your Time

If you've ever been in the position to hire a freelancer or VEA, you've been faced with the decision of which company, freelance marketplace, or virtual support service to partner with. That in itself can be quite a time consuming process. And who has that kind of time?

So, you have multiple resources available to you for hiring—but what makes Worxbee outshine and outpace them? Figuring out, which option makes the most sense for you is key. Because not only are you spending time reviewing candidates, but you’re interviewing your top selections, hopefully, running a background check on them as well, checking references, etc. all before actually hiring and building a relationship with one.

That’s a lot of valuable time taken away from growing your business. Sometimes, this process can even go on for weeks!

Today, we’ll run through how Upwork and Worxbee help clients, so you can better understand the many benefits of being paired with a high quality, high-level Virtual Executive Assistant. But first, let’s begin with a recap on Upwork.

What is Upwork?

Upwork is a freelancer’s paradise. It’s a marketplace where anyone can search for freelancers across a variety of talents, skills, and expertise.

As a company, you submit your project description, then potential candidates essentially bid to win your project or job. Typically you’ll have pages upon pages of Upwork freelancers bidding, that you’ll have to weed through. And, there really is no good way in the system to try to filter out the best candidates from the bunch.

You'll typically get applicants nowhere near qualified for the position, applying for most jobs. Thus, one of the toughest parts about hiring an Executive Assistant in Upwork is sorting out who is a truly skilled, accountable, executive-level assistant and who is not. (<--Kinda goes back to that valuable time thing, huh)?

Why Clients Choose Worxbee

Let’s take a moment to give you an overview of what Worxbee is, and what we can offer you.

Worxbee's basic mission is very clear—We make Executive Assistant support easy. Founded in 2013 by Kenzie Biggins, Worxbee began to offer true VEA support to retired execs. Since then, we have grown and continuously offer the same high-level support to small businesses, executives, non-profits, and corporations, along with their teams. So why do clients entrust Worxbee for professional, executive support?

Vetting Executive Assistants

We only hire the very best talent. This is just one fantastic feature of Worxbee that truly sets us apart. Most of our VEAs have been in the industry for over 10 years. They go through an extensive vetting process from the point of the initial interview, through multiple reference checks, and a background check.

Hiring Made Simple

With Worxbee as your business partner, we manage the hiring for you. You'll save all the time and hassle that comes with finding the right fit for your business.

We’ll present two VEAs based on our expert recommendations. Then you interview each, and decide who the perfect Executive Assistant is to provide the professional support you need.

Peace of Mind

You don't have to worry about whether the freelancer you hired will meet your expectations. No need to put them on a performance plan if things aren’t working out, etc. You can stay focused on growing your business and building your relationship with your Worxbee VEA, and not waste even more time managing the relationship.

Seamless Service

What happens if your Executive Assistant has a major medical emergency? Either personal or family? Here is one of our client’s take on the repairing process:“

From our perspective, the re-pairing process after our VEA’s unfortunate accident went very smoothly and had no negative effect on our operations. Worxbee notified us of the problem in a timely manner and provided options on how we could proceed. Through this process, we found someone who is a great fit for KANAVA and the change over has gone seamlessly. We especially appreciated how well you handled things. Since we were just getting started with our VEA, the change was not traumatic for us, but I think the main thing is Worxbee was on top of things and handled the change very efficiently and proactively. We are very happy with our new VEA.

”Susan, President & CEO

KANAVA International, LLC

And so, the choice is yours. If you want high-level, true Virtual Executive Assistant support available to you quickly, choose Worxbee.

Schedule a call with us today! We’ll go over your admin needs to get you set up in no time.